Improve your knowledge of the English language with online English schools!

English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world, with over 380 million native speakers and the same number of non-native speakers. The versatility of the English language means that it is used by all business communities, technical sectors and internationally recognized academic groups.

English is now the language that unites people from different countries, letting even non-native speakers communicate effectively. It’s not just spoken in Western countries, it’s also a source of communication across the world, where countless people use it as their second language.

Although English is not the official language of many countries, its widespread acceptance means that it has become the global language. Subsequently, there is a huge demand for English courses, which can help people from all walks of life to improve their English language skills. Personalized online tutoring is a fantastic, convenient method for students to improve their skills quickly.

Opting for the right online English class can make all the difference when it comes to improving one’s ability to speak English. English Tutor Online (ETO) is a quality source for online English study programs, personalized to meet each student’s requirements. ETO makes it more convenient for people to learn English in a short timespan, with the latest teaching materials and highly qualified online English teachers.

At ETO, students can choose from five different study programs, which include; Travel English, Day- To-Day English, Business English, Social & Global English and General English.  ETO’s one-to one classes are taught by qualified American, Canadian and British English teachers.

All of ETO’s teachers are qualified and experienced native English speakers. The classes run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for students from all over the world, with prices as low as $25.99 USD for a 50 minute, private, English conversation  class.

The classes are adapted to each student’s learning needs. ETO helps students focus on what they would like to improve. Their four primary services include:

  • One to one conversation classes. The focus is on students’ conversational skills, pronunciation and accent reduction, and vocabulary building.
  • Resume writing and job interview preparation, which involves gaining expertise over the 15 most common interview questions. Qualified teachers, with corporate training, help students to give structured answers, and to boost their confidence levels by improving their pronunciation skills.
  • ETO also offers editing and proofreading services for academic or official documents including, emails, CV or resumes, presentations, business plans, school essays and more…
  • Industry specific test preparation, such as TOEFL- TOEIC- IELTS- CAE helps you with your conversation skills, pronunciation and grammar. ETO will also coach you on giving concise answers, in a timely manner.

English Tutor Online (ETO): We provide excellent English lessons… online!

English Tutor Online (ETO) enhances your English conversation skills, improves your speaking skills and reduces your accent, using an enjoyable, fun curriculum, and proficient native English teachers. Based on your needs and requirements, we provide state of the art, online English lessons, in the most convenient setting… your own home! Ask any of our past students and they will tell you that our professional teaching methods helped them to progress quickly and efficiently. Try a 20 minute free trial class and decide for yourself. You can also view demo classes and our students’ testimonials:


English Tutor Online (ETO): Helping you get ahead in life!

At English Tutor Online (ETO), our aim is to improve the conversational English skills of all our students. In addition to this, we also teach CV/resume building skills, as well as offer proofreading services. Moreover, we help to guide students with their preparation for tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and CAE. Thanks to our well trained English teachers, you get the best English lessons online. Using Skype as a medium, our native English tutors teach students from all walks of life.

Have the edge over your peers by learning English with us at ETO. For further details please visit our website at

Interview preparation: improve your English skills with English Tutor Online (ETO)!

More and more job seekers around the globe are realizing the importance of the English language. Be it for an interview or for a business meeting, those who are able to speak English impeccably are able to get ahead in the business world. So if you wish to improve your English conversation skills, then sign up for an online English course at English Tutor Online (ETO). Our highly experienced native speaking teachers from Canada, America and Britain give online English lessons to improve your conversational English skills. Get in touch with us today by visiting:

English Tutor Online (ETO): An affordable and easy way to master the English language!

More and more people have started learning English online, as this is the most convenient and comfortable way of learning. One company that shines above the rest, teaching English via Skype, is English Tutor Online (ETO). Along with teaching conversation English, ETO provides editing and proofreading services, and can help students with their homework and school presentations. What sets ETO apart from the rest, is that their lessons are highly affordable, at just $25.99 for a 50 minute, private, Skype based English class. So, get the edge over others by learning spoken English with the help of ETO. To learn more about ETO and the services, please visit:

English Tutor Online (ETO): Our native English teachers will guide you with a personalized approach!

Are you looking for a qualified teacher who can help you improve your English speaking skills in the most convenient way? Then we invite you to utilize our services at English Tutor Online (ETO). We make learning English online extremely easy and enjoyable. Our highly qualified native English teachers from the US, Canada and the UK will help you with both your written and spoken English. You can attend a free 20 minute trial class to see how our lessons are conducted here:

So give yourself a head start by opting for the online English classes offered by ETO. Visit our website today for more details!

English Tutor Online: Offering the best online English courses to people from all walks of life!

Working with a team of highly qualified native English teachers from the USA, Canada & the UK, English Tutor Online (ETO) has established itself as one of the best online English schools on the web. Established in 2005, the school helps students from all over the world with their English conversation, pronunciation, accent reduction and vocabulary building.

ETO’s mission is to help people from all walks of life, improve their English skills, and to raise students’ proficiency levels to internationally recognized standards. With its professional and friendly approach, and a firm commitment towards delivering nothing but the best, the school has managed to build a strong reputation for itself within the language industry.

ETO is all about helping people achieve the ability to speak English with confidence, in the shortest time possible. With its one-on-one English conversation classes, qualified American, Canadian and British native English teachers aim to provide the best learning environment for students to efficiently improve their English skills.

Well-designed study programs include Day-to-day English, Travel English, Business English, Social & Global English and General English, which meet the specific requirements of every type of English student. While the Day-to-day English program has been designed for beginner and intermediate students, the Business English study program is aimed at improving conversational skills in all areas of business.

No commuting is required as these specially priced, private online classes are held over Skype. The students don’t need a webcam, as they will still be able to see their teacher. A 50 minute private class costs $25.99 USD. There are free trial classes too, so that you can enroll after experiencing a lesson for yourself. You can meet us on Skype at  ETO can then evaluate your language requirements and offer the best course for you.

We also provide proofreading services for official and academic documents like presentations, business plans, emails, blogs, press releases, resumes and more. As specialists in resume writing and editing, we keep up-to-date with all current trends linked to typical American, Canadian, British or Australian companies. Right from the most common interview questions to corporate interview training, we make it easy for you to get the job of your dreams.

Those who are keen to achieve higher test scores for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CAE and other industry specific tests, can enroll with us for test preparation sessions. We will help you with industry specific skills including conversation skills, pronunciation and sentence structure. We will also coach you on giving concise answers in a timely manner. For more details linked to ETO’s courses and other services, please visit our official website:

Online English Schools: Making it easier for you to learn English!

English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world. The popularity of the language comes down to the fact that most academic and technical information is available in English. English is known as the ‘communicating language’ since people from different countries, who are not native speakers, will communicate in English. Also known as the global language, English not only connects people, but also plays a crucial role in the world of trade and business.

In most Western countries, English has always been the primary language of communication. However, in recent times, the popularity of the language has grown and spread to many Eastern countries as well. English has become the language of choice for countless people, and for this reason, it is now essential to have a good grasp of the language. Subsequently, the demand for English courses has increased dramatically around the world. In today’s internet savvy era, English online courses have emerged as the best and most efficient way to learn a language.

Choosing the right online English school can make all the difference when it comes to learning English. English Tutor Online (ETO) is the perfect online learning school for private, one-on-one classes. With qualified American, Canadian and British native English teachers, the major focus is on conversation, pronunciation, accent reduction and vocabulary building. Equipped with the latest teaching materials, and highly qualified staff, ETO makes it very convenient for people to learn English in a very short time. Providing English lessons online, ETO ensures that all students are able to attain knowledge and competence of English right from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

One can enroll for a private 50 minute conversation class for just $25.99 USD. You can also opt for a free 20 minute trial class at

We invite you to also view our teacher demo videos and student testimonials. Feel free to have a look through the great feedback given by previous students:

In class, teachers give a lot of corrections, which helps students to improve their English speaking and pronunciation skills very quickly. After every lesson, students receive a class report detailing everything that was studied during the class. The student can then review their lesson and keep track of their progress. These class reports are a great way for students to revise and remember everything that is taught in each lesson, so that progress is quick and simple.

The school also helps learners with test preparations & job interviews. One can gain higher test scores with intense courses specifically tailored for exams like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and CAE.

ETO also offers editing and proofreading services for academic and professional purposes. Some examples of this include: websites, business plans, school essays, dissertations, school and work presentations and many more.

The low fee structure ensures that people from all walks of life are able to learn English without having to spend a fortune. All classes are conducted over Skype with a webcam. Students can easily enroll for a free trial class and see for themselves how the classes are conducted.